Grand Central Publishing

Grand Central Publishing

Picador | New York Times Bestseller


Random House | New York Times Bestseller

 Grand Central Publishing | New York Times Bestseller | printed on pearlescent paper stock

Grand Central Publishing | The Story of Beautiful Girl endpapers

Viking | New York Times Bestseller

Knopf | New York Times Bestseller

Twelve | #1 Bestseller in Popular Developmental Psychology

Twelve | The Defining Decade alternative cover

One of our favorite pieces of real estate: The Spine

Twelve | characteristic of a Bible, leather-bound (simulated) & foil-stamped cover

Twelve | God and Sex endpapers

Twelve | alternative cover option for God and Sex: spread-open ‘‘pages,’’ inserted ‘‘book mark’’




 Grand Central Publishing

Penguin | custom lettering

Spiegel & Grau

Spiegel & Grau

Business Plus

Random House

W W Norton

Grand Central Publishing

Spiegel & Grau | custom lettering